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Current Issue
Volume 2950,
Issue 1,
8 December 2023

AIP Conference Proceedings has been a trusted publishing partner for more than 40 years, delivering fast, affordable, and versatile publishing for maximum exposure of your meeting’s key research. Our conference proceedings program reports the findings presented at scientific meetings from large international conferences to small specialist workshops. Subject areas span the physical sciences, including physics, math, chemistry, materials science, and engineering.

Most Recent
Research Article
Jǐrí Němeček, Pavel Trávníček et al.
The paper shows some conceptual and numerical aspects of two non-local spatial averaging formulations applied to scalar damage models for concrete. A short numerical study is performed on selected ...
Research Article
Slavka Harabinova, Eva Panulinova et al.
The paper is focused on the assessment and analysis of slope stability. Slope stability analysis are generally aimed at determining the factor of slope stability for which the slope is safe. The key ...
Research Article
Marián Dobranský, Andrej Škrinár et al.
A dam creates a barrier that restrict or does not allow the cycle of downstream and upstream fish migration between the stilling basin and the upper reservoir. One of the possible solutions is the ...
Research Article
Shota Urushadze, Jong-Dar Yau et al.
According to the idea of indirect bridge frequency measurement, a moving test vehicle can be regarded as a message receiver used to detect vibration data of the bridge that it passes over. In the ...
Research Article
Sergej Priganc, Peter Sabol et al.
The article pertains to the gradual rehabilitation process of a load-bearing concrete structure. Emphasis is placed on pointing out the shortcomings of the constructed load-bearing structure of the ...
Research Article
Lenka Stulerova, Patricia Vanova et al.
Truss systems are often used type of a structure in a civil engineering. Due to the shape and special arrangement, they are more statically and economically efficient than traditional trusses for ...
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