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Issue Cover
Current Issue
Volume 1,
Issue 2,
September 2023

Focus and Coverage

APL Energy is a new gold open access journal from AIP Publishing featuring research related to energy, applications of energy storage and conversion, energy sources and materials, and renewable energy and sustainability. The journal also considers research that addresses the environmental impacts of energy technologies.

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Most Recent
Research Article
Gabriel R. McAndrews, Boyu Guo et al.
Metal halide perovskites have the potential to contribute to renewable energy needs as a high efficiency, low-cost alternative for photovoltaics. Initial power conversion efficiencies are superb, but ...
Research Article
Jay N. Mishra, Priyanka A. Jha et al.
Electrocatalytic proton exchange membranes (PEMs) represent a promising avenue for advancing the field of electrochemical energy conversion and storage by combining the proton-conducting function of ...
Research Article
Miguel Algueró, Layiq Zia et al.
Simple and cost-effective procedures for the direct integration of ferroelectric perovskite oxides into Ni structures are necessary to realize related multifunctional metallic microelectromechanical ...
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