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China Academy of Engineering Physics

The CAEP is China's organization conducting the research, development, and testing of nuclear weapons and related science.

Recent Articles
Research Article
W. Q. Wang, J. J. Honrubia et al.
The Brown–Preston–Singleton (BPS) stopping power model is added to our previously developed hybrid code to model ion beam–plasma interaction. Hybrid simulations show that both resistive field and ion ...
Research Article
Xiaowei Liang, Xudong Wei et al.
Since the discovery of hydride superconductors, a significant challenge has been to reduce the pressure required for their stabilization. In this context, we propose that alloying could be an ...
Peipei Wang, Honghai An et al.
The use of broadband laser technology is a novel approach for inhibiting processes related to laser plasma interactions (LPIs). In this study, several preliminary experiments into ...
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