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The Society of Rheology

Rheology, a branch of mechanics, is the study of those properties of materials which determine their response to mechanical force. The word rheology was coined in the 1920's to represent the science of the deformation and flow of matter, and The Society of Rheology was officially formed on December 9, 1929.

Recent Articles
Research Article
Zhiqiang Shen, Yanan Gong et al.
To meet the challenge of efficient modeling of film blowing with realistic constitutive equations for commercial thermoplastic melts, we present a multistage optimization modeling framework that ...
Research Article
A. Spyridakis, P. Moschopoulos et al.
We propose an enhanced model for the rheological characterization of human blood that accounts for thixotropy, viscoelasticity, and yield-stress. Blood plasma is assumed to act as a Newtonian ...
Research Article
Ralph H. Colby
The thinning of a cylinder of a polymer solution in a volatile solvent is argued to be controlled by solvent diffusion through a dense polymer layer at the cylinder surface. This naturally leads to ...

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The Regular Membership of The Society of Rheology includes those scientists whose work and interests lie within the field and includes physicists, chemists, biologists, engineers, and mathematicians.

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